Since 1996, Isatec has established an outstanding reputation for delivering, installing and maintaining exceptional measurement and control solutions. The company started out installing high speed data collection systems into process and packaging machinery, and has now evolved both skillset and client base to focus on  Wireless Temperature Monitoring.

For over 15 years, Isatec has provided products and system solutions across a range of sectors including pharmaceuticals, food services, warehousing and logistics to meet their regulatory requirements.

Our values

Tools & talent

We pride ourselves on seeking out the best equipment on the market, then training up our highly skilled staff to be able to install and maintain each system, on every project.

Fit for today & tomorrow

Futureproof monitoring solutions help reassure clients and their staff that the systems we install will help them stay constant and meet compliance levels. While continuing to monitor, reassure and alert, whenever required, for years to come.

Keep one step ahead

In our experience, change is the only constant in life. Which means we never rest on our laurels, or think we know it all. We’re always looking for smarter, better ways to improve. So we can help our clients do the same.
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Our Expertise

We are one of the UK’s most respected temperature monitoring companies, with a wealth of experience in mapping, monitoring, calibration and certification for pharmaceutical, food, logistics and laboratory industries.

As demand for precision monitoring grows, alongside a seemingly ever changing set of regulations and requirements, we continue to perfect our technical offerings, and capabilities.

Isatec’s mission is to provide first class products, solutions and services, supported with highest levels of customer service. All while staying mindful of budgets and deadlines.

This ethos is instilled in our team, as they pride themselves on being up to speed with both the latest technology and the newest regulations.

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Our team

You can rely on our experienced, professional team to provide peace of mind, using the latest technology to assess, deliver and maintain your temperature monitoring system needs.

The team is committed to keep up with innovation, helping to ensure that every system utilises accurate, reliable and consistent technology that provides control and peace of mind for managers and simplicity of use for staff.


We continue to seek out solutions, techniques and technology that are both effective and energy efficient. Sustainability doesn’t just mean green; It’s also vital that whatever systems we establish are efficient for today, and the future, thereby maintaining trust and reliability.

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