Looking for a reliable, adaptable wireless temperature monitoring system? The IceSpy system incorporates leading edge technology with exclusive telemetry, providing exceptionally reliable and long-range wireless capabilities.

System features & highlights

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Instant data access

Retrieve critical temperature data up to four days later, viewable online and on the move.

Reduce errors

No more manual checks or readings means incredibly precise live data, 24/7.

Audit stress eliminated

Easy to access historical reports gives you peace of mind.
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Other benefits of IceSpy

IceSpy’s reputation for wireless monitoring systems is well deserved, and established globally across multiple industries including healthcare, pharmaceutical, food and industrial sectors, with a vast array of different applications.

  • Meeting national regulatory requirements including HACCP, MHRA & GDP
  • Improving product quality and reduce product waste during manufacture, storage & distribution

The transport system is designed to expand your existing Hanwell systems or as a standalone solution to cold-chain monitoring.

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It is vital for our practice to ensure that cold chain storage of vaccines and controlled drugs are maintained within the correct temperature range at all times. We have been using the Notion Lite temperature monitoring system since 2016 and are currently installing it across our network of practices. The system is simple to self-install and the software is intuitive and easy to use. The Notion Lite gives us confidence that we will be alerted in the event of a temperature breach and enables us to seamlessly maintain records for auditory purposes.

Emma Jackson Board Director, LLM Farm Vets

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