When dealing with temperature sensitive products and produce, it’s all about understanding your supply chain logistics. In our experience, initial monitoring is the best way to get to know your requirements, identifying the ‘pain points’ and the potential hazards. From there we can help you design and implement an effective, robust and environmentally friendly strategy.

Isatec – Scientific covid-19 virus antibody sample in laboratory research experiment biotech make cultivate vaccine against virus. Scientist look at microscope, science test tube analyse Chemistry laboratory

Multiple industry applications

Logistic oversight is a vital part of many industry supply chains, especially where precision temperature control must be maintained by warehousing, distribution, delivery and storage:

  • medical vaccines
  • laboratory diagnostic reagents
  • the dairy industry, including milk, cheese and other perishable products
  • fresh meat and fish
  • chemical products and many more.

Remote supply chain tracking

For temperature sensitive goods, like perishable foods and medical supplies, including vaccines, we recommend internet enabled sensors and alarms. These small, budget friendly devices are a tried and tested method of maintaining standards, and reinforcing clients’ faith.

Time, place, temperature

Our preferred multi unit temperature sensors and alert systems communicate with each other, and the central dashboard, to give our customers invaluable live data and reports.

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