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World leading laboratories come to Isatec for our best in class temperature monitoring solutions. Helping them to maintain hyper-accurate temperature levels throughout their facilities, in accordance with strict MHRA, GDP, GMP and GCP guidelines.

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Lab fridges, freezers, chillers & transportation

Our precision clinical and temperature monitoring systems are perfect for monitoring, refrigeration units, freezers, ultra low freezers, LN2 tanks, cold rooms, clean rooms, -80 freezers, stability chambers and incubators, water baths and more.

In our experience, many laboratories require multiple different devices to operate within their own strict parameters. That’s why we build each solution as an individual project, factoring in each and every requirement.

No more manual checks

Checking critical temperature levels by hand is time consuming and open to human error. These checks can be time consuming, and open to human error. In a highly regulated environment, this can be detrimental to strict procedures.

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New temperature tech

Our calibrated radio transmitters have been specifically designed for MHRA compliance assistance, for example monitoring blood bank fridges at +2- + 6°C, freezers with temperatures down to -20°C, -30°C,- 40°C & -80°C and also cryogenic storage at -150°C and-200°C.

The systems we provide have configurable alarms for laboratories and clinics. We can incorporate a local buzzer alarm to alert users, print out alerts and actions for staff to respond to temperature breaches occurring within fridges and other appliances.

Continuous wireless monitoring reduces time and errors from manual check and audit trails to support regulatory compliance.

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