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Does your business store temperature critical products with strict storage regulations?

If so, you’re legally required to monitor and manage temperature and humidity for quality control and auditing purposes. You may have also noticed that complying with temperature regulations is becoming ever more complex. And that’s where the Isatec team can help. Whether your business deals with food, pharmaceutical, hospital and healthcare warehousing or logistics, we have an automated temperature monitoring system to suit.

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Temperature and Humidity Mapping

Using our knowledge of temperature analysis, Isatec provides a complete, professional temperature and humidity mapping service for laboratories, pharmacies and warehouses. We also offer solutions for pharmaceutical storage areas including fridges, freezers and other temperature controlled units.

Temperature mapping (also known as thermal mapping) is predominantly used in pharmaceutical, bio-tech, healthcare facilities but more recently vehicle and food applications are becoming increasingly popular. Isatec’s mapping services ‘scan’ working environments, storage areas and temperature controlled  units to help ensure goods are being stored safely and to identify the ‘hot and cold’ spots within your facilities.

Mapping is essential for gathering evidence of extreme seasonal temperature variations, and also a key part of any facility commissioning (or re-commissioning) process. Typically, mapping large ambient/chilled working or storage areas takes around seven days, or two to three days for smaller temperature controlled units.

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Meeting MHRA and GxP temperature requirements

Does your organisation’s licensing rely upon meeting set temperature and humidity levels?

Agencies such as MHRA and FDA often make temperature and humidity mapping a requirement for GDP or GMP licensing.

Isatec takes the stress out of these increasingly time consuming, complex and ever-evolving temperature rules and regs.

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Great, in that case we can provide you with the complete service.

Once we’ve surveyed the site, we can supply the correct number of pre-calibrated data loggers for the exercise, either a Performance Qualification (PQ) or Operational Qualification (OQ) protocol, depending on the stage you are at in the process, and a Summary Report so you can demonstrate that you have passed the acceptance criteria to satisfy the necessary regulatory requirements.

Isatec Ltd have worked with us since January 2019 when they carried out validation mapping of our new warehouse in King’s Norton, Birmingham. We have used them ever since as our preferred supplier for mapping the warehouse, individual TCU’s and our vehicle fleet. They provide us with a complete mapping service including provision of bespoke protocols, the supply installation and removal of the calibrated loggers and a detailed report and recommendations. Isatec Ltd have helped us better understand the thermal performance of our storage spaces in order to comply with MHRA GDP requirements and we would not hesitate to recommend them to other companies.

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