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At every stage of the food supply chain, maintaining temperature control and oversight is vital.

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Safe, from storage to serving up

From farm transport logistics and warehousing, to manufacturing, food service and retail spaces, keeping the ingredients and packaged products as safe and stable as possible makes all the difference. To your business and your reputation.

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From farm to fridge to fork

Designed to scale up depending on the size of the organisation, our fully automated wireless food safety systems monitor, record and audit food temperatures at multiple points, from delivery, storage, preparation, cooking, display to serving up.

At every stage of the process, temperatures are audited, monitored, and checked. All to make sure constant safe temperatures are maintained, to meet stringent hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) compliant standards.

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Protection at every stage

All data generated by our temperature monitoring systems is safely stored , and only accessible by unique username and passwords.

Multi-level alarm thresholds for each sensor include tailored alarm notifications that alert users to take corrective actions. These devices can be managed securely from any web enabled device, allowing you to protect stock and save money. Safeguarding the integrity of your food products, your clients and your business.

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