Warehousing & Storage

Our mapping and temperature monitoring solutions are designed to effortlessly scale up to match your requirements. Every warehouse or storage site has different requirements, and once we have completed our initial assessment, we can recommend a fully automated temperature monitoring system, encompassing alarms, audits, and the validation and mapping of storage areas and facilities.

Each system is built specifically for each warehouse or storage facility, offering continuous  wireless temperature monitoring to cover product storage areas and product transition areas.

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Wireless and Multi-Site Monitoring

From open plan offices and warehouses,  to pharmacies, care homes and product storage facilities, our continuous wireless monitoring systems offer a wide range of applications.

If you need to increase your storage capability or expand your distribution network, we can easily assess your requirements and provide a system that gives you oversight across all your facilities, all in one place. Giving your quality teams the vision they need to analyse the data, whenever they need it.

Multi-level alarm thresholds for each sensor with tailored alarm notifications to alert users to take corrective action to protect goods and save money.

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Temperature & Humidity Mapping

In recent years, carrying out temperature mapping for warehouses, storage facilities, trailers, cold rooms and other temperature controlled storage areas has become a necessity to comply with GDP and GMP standards.

We will assess your requirements and provide a complete service; from writing initial OQ protocols, to requalifications, summary reports, vehicle mapping, route analysis and even rental of mapping data loggers.

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